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Last year while yardsaling, I bought a box of books and found an infant funeral home book.
STEVEN LEE BUTTS, two-month-old son of James Edward and Geraldine Tresler Butts, 34 S. Mulberry St., was found dead in bed by his mother Friday night. The infant boy, suffering from a broken leg, was further injured last Wednesday. With the boy in her arms, Mrs. Butts stumbled and fell on top of the lad while entering a vehicle in front of the doctor’s office. This was the obituary I found. A 2 month only baby. As my research continued, I remembered my son has a High School friend by the name of Tresler. I reached out to my acquaintance by adding her on FB and asking questions. Genealogy was her hobby and so we started chatting on FB. It took us about 3 days to track it back to one of her husband’s relatives. As the story went, the book was kept by the father as things went 50+ years ago. When he passed away, it was stuck in an old box of books. We bought about 10 boxes of old westerns from baby Steven’s paternal relatives. While we found his mother’s obituary, we did find relatives from that side of the family who wanted the book and it was returned to the family.