It Works

How It Works

Pick your bracelet

When you get your bracelet you’ll notice an ID number on the back. Use this number to register the bracelet to your account. Once it’s been added to your profile you’re good to go.

Pass it on

Use it to recognize or appreciate someone you cross paths with. Give them your bracelet – tell them to register and pay it forward. Log in to post your story and let them know why they impacted you.

See the connection

Every time it’s passed on you’ll be notified of the people and stories it has been a part of. It shows how interconnected we all are and allows you to have a positive impact on others exponentially. 

Rainforest Trust
Mental Health America
Sunshine Kids
International Medical Corps

We want to be a part of the giving too. For every bracelet sold, $2 goes to a charity you select when you register.

man wearing bracelets

About Kufara

Connecting with others, including strangers, leads to higher levels of happiness.

It feels good to give and we’re wired to connect, so let us make that easier for you.

Every bracelet has a unique ID that can be registered and traced from person-to-person. While wearing it, pay attention to those around you. Give it to someone who impacts you for the better, even if it’s with a single word or small action. Then log in to post about your encounter. As they pass it on and share their story, a trail of kindness begins to weave its way through the world.

Kindness goes a long way and happiness comes from authentic moments of connection- so make those moments count with Kufara.

The Stories

The Stories

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