How It Works

If you purchased or received a bracelet, the process is simple. Be sure to pass it on.

  • Sign up / Sign in
  • Register the ID number on the back of your bracelet
  • View your bracelet’s previous/future stories using the ‘Shared Stories’ tab on your profile
  • Give your bracelet to someone and present the QR code below or tell them:

‘Kufara bracelets are made to be given. Register the number on the back to read why you impacted me and pay it forward.’

  • Log in to share your story using the ‘Registered Bracelets’ tab; you’ll receive an email any time a new story is added to your page


If you purchased a bracelet as a gift, you have 2 options:

1) Simply gift the item. That person can then register and select which charity the portion of your purchase will go towards. They’ll be the first to own that bracelet and to follow its journey.

2) Register it and submit your story as to why they’ve had an impact on you. Then gift the item and let them know how to find your message. You’ll always be connected through that bracelet and where it goes.

wearing kufara bracelets

We hope you enjoy the process as much as we do.