Bracelet #090621017952

If you find a bit of luck like I did, the universe brings you a friend who sees your soul and makes growing up a lot more adventurous than scary. Melissa has this incredible knack for taking literally any situation and making it fun. Like walking 39 miles in two days through New York City for breast cancer awareness- and me thinking that just being an active 26 year old would have been enough physical preparation to avoid my legs giving up or blisters the size of golf balls on my feet. It was not.

Melissa and I became friends in college, and I was lucky enough to follow her from graduation to work and be roommates for years after. Her happiness is infectious and positivity ever-present. And when things were tough, she guided me through difficult moments and cheered me up with little surprises when I felt down. Melissa inspires kindness, strength, and greatness in the people around her. When we were in college, I remember telling her that I wanted to be like her when I grew up. I still do.

Even with two small boys, a full-time job, and a pandemic to navigate- Melissa carves out time to check in on her friends and keep us connected. In 2020, Melissa sent me and our friend Kate a book, Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and decided we needed a book club. At first, I was unsure- I can’t say I’m much of a reader. However, she was right. I needed this book. This book and our book club gave me new energy to heal and process such a challenging year and a whole lot more that I didn’t realize I was carrying. Halfway through the book, we would find these inspirational gems and key phrases from the book and yell, “Tattoo it on my body!” And yes- we will be getting these tattoos.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have crossed paths with my soul friends so early in adulthood. Melissa once gifted me a pillow that I think pretty much sums it all up- “Friends are like a good bra. Close to the heart and always there for support.”