Bracelet #103020022110

I met Carla while processing her fingerprints for a job twenty plus years ago. While holding a comfortable, easy flowing conversation, I noticed we had a lot in common and we were able to relate very well on many levels. She opened up about the recent passing of her mother, and we shared tears over her story.

She got the job and she became more than a co-worker, in her words, we became besties. There were many years of great conversations, girls luncheons, music concerts, sporting events, and family celebrations, she also threw me a surprise 50th birthday party! We shared experiences with our children and now our grandchildren, we shared a lot.

I could talk to Carla about anything, from personal health issues, to our siblings with addictions, the struggles of caring for our elderly parents and the heartache of losing them. I never felt judged or embarrassed, only relief of knowing I wasn’t alone.

There are some people that have the natural ability to help others, to say or do the right thing when it’s needed most and expect nothing in return. She is one of them.

We no longer work together, Carla moved a little further away, so we don’t see each other as often as we did. We are still there for each other and meet for lunch on occasion and share great conversations.

Carla is my definition of friendship and humanity. She makes happy happen when happy is needed. She loves babies and animals, she is a kind and caring person. I thought a Kufara bracelet would be a fun and meaningful way to express my thankfulness of her just being her.