Bracelet #112120022654

Someone is building a house next door. Gee, I hope they are nice. Boy, did my wish come true! Cindy isn’t just nice, she quickly became my best friend. She is fun, funny, sweet, and has one of the kindest hearts on this earth. She would do pretty much anything for anyone. She always puts others first. Whether you just need a ride somewhere—near or far, some chicken soup when you are sick, a fresh baked item to make your morning sweet and bright, or more serious things like a friend to hold your hand during a loss or chemo. She is always right there before you’d ever even think to ask. She volunteers at an area plantation doing gardening, and spread that joy of planting to our neighborhood, where she cleans, plants, waters, and maintains various gardens throughout our community. During COVID when people were just starting to poke their heads outside, she held very socially distant yard happy hours with freshly sanitized chairs (if you forgot to bring your own). She arranged for a monthly neighborhood food truck visit where people could tailgate in order to really SEE and BE with others. She is always trying to spread happiness wherever she goes—and she’s successful! I’m very glad to know her and be able to see her bright smile and share fun times with her. She truly makes the world a nicer place!