Bracelet #704210115195

To one of the two guiding lights in my life. You are the quintessential Mom, Wife, Daughter and friend. You give unwillingly and tirelessly to assure that all you come in contact with are safe, secure, happy and well. Your undying passion as a shaper of young minds is beyond compare. Some of those little ones will remember Miss Meghan for the rest of their lives. Your stepping up to the plate and getting me through Round 1 was a trying experience that you approached with a big smile and love. Now, as Round 2 of this nightmare begins , you jumped right in to help the old “Boomer”. Your support and love ; I can never repay. To you and your Mom, I owe everything in my life. Wear this bracelet with my love and devotion that only a Dad can have for his daughter. Remember…you are always my BAAAAAAYBEEE! Eye Wuff Ewe fo evah!!