Bracelet #092921029475

I received my bracelet as a birthday gift from my youngest son. He’s thoughtful, generous, and has a heart of gold. He used to ask for Santa to take his Christmas presents to children in the hospital. He inherently understands kufara. It has taken me over a year to take the time to register and gift my bracelet to another. I don’t know why.
But I’m ready to give it in honor of my young cousin who recently took his own life. I’m giving it to my extraordinary daughter who has her own mental wellness issues that she isn’t afraid to share and works so hard to manage. She is kind, generous, joyful, caring, and a true friend to all. She has supported many friends and family throughout their struggles with mental illness. She is my joy and my kufara. I know she will wear it in good health and find another incredible wrist to share it with.