Bracelet #071621015315

It was 1992 and one would think that before age 35 one would have a best friend and be experiencing the true definition of a bestie.; guess you could say I was a late bloomer. For me, experiencing true friendship blossomed in 1992 in Norfolk Virginia. Sure, we all have friends and even best friends but only the truly most fortunate women in life get to have sister-friends.
Imagine this, both career navy spouses were deployed for yet another six-month deployment. We were both called to attend the same military wives club meeting. This meeting with all its defects would unify our respect for one another and the immediate interpretation a special person has entered your life, we both just sense it. This one evening launched our now 28 years of a caring, compassionate, and honorary sisterhood. My sister friend, Nicki knows what I am thinking, with not a word said, simply by my facial expressions give it all away, aka John’s wedding in Cabo, when John told me to “chill Mom” (two hours before his rehearsal dinner) Before I could even open my mouth to speak to say ( perhaps the wrong thing) Nicki has the correct answer for me.
My honorary sister-friend listens objectively without judgment. We both know the outfit is atrocious but please tell me how you would fix it, Nicki. She knows raising my eyebrow means someone or something has just caught my immediate attention. Sometimes, even when specific topics arise, she even knows my opinion, without saying a word. Sister-friends are the only ones to give it to you straight. They’re not doing it to hurt your feelings, they’re doing it because they’re truly the only ones who know you and know what is best for you (as cliche as it sounds), right Nicki?
Nicki is just not my sister-friend, she has mastered caring for new mother’s in birthing centers, cheering loudly at baseball and soccer games, being an awesome Nana, dressing friends with kidney disease for their son’s weddings, sitting with a dying friend, sending donations to friends or strangers in need and championed marriage and motherhood. Nicki is the ambassador of the highest level of expertise for her dental consulting business.

She’s the only wife and woman I know that would move to Durant, Oklahoma, 1300 miles away from her children/grandchildren, and still maintain her infectious smile every day. I am proud to pass this bracelet onto Nicki Pismeny, my bestie, sister friend, honorary sister-friend, soul-sister, Sista, and sister by heart.